The fortress of Sedan

Le château fort de Sedan
Maquette du château
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Characterful heritage

What a sense of power is given off by the immense fortress of Sedan!
Its immense curtain wall stretches up to the sky… The largest mediaeval fortress in Europe is looking good and plunges us back into the heart of our history. It was completed in 1424 by Evrard de La Marck, the first Prince of Sedan, a veritable mini-state in this frontier region. This imposing castle has always played two roles with panache: a much-feared fortress and a luxurious princely residence.

Precious witness

An overnight halt and refuge on the Copper Road, a grandiose example of military architecture and the art of fortification, the fortress guaranteed the independence of Sedan, nicknamed “Geneva of the North” during the long era of the Religious Wars. It then became French territory when the principality was inherited by Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon and a vassal of the King of France. Duke Henri encouraged the city’s cloth industry and it grew rich on this trade. The fortress witnessed major wars in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and today there is an exhibition in one of the castle’s rooms about the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The castle is an unmissable page in the history of France.


Why not play at being a prince and princess for a night?
Part of the castle has been converted into a hotel where, protected by the thick walls, you can live out your dream...

For even stronger sensations…

Take one of the tours of the fortress by night on Friday and Saturday evenings in July and August…

The fortress of Sedan

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