The Han Caves

Grottes de Han
Grottes de Han
Train pour la grotte

An enchantment

Hidden away beneath the charming village of Han-sur-Lesse, this series of caves is one of the largest and best-known in Europe. Since their discovery in the late nineteenth century, the caves have fascinated visitors of all ages with the exceptional beauty of their huge caverns, hollowed out by the River Lesse that flows through them. Here the bowels of the earth are revealed, fragile, clad in curtains of rock, which flirt with us in their watery mirror.

Leaping vaults

Come and discover this mysterious underground network which still guards some of its secrets. Hear the vault echo during the “son et lumière” show in the Great Hall. Follow 3km of passageways past impressive caverns with evocative names: the Minaret, the Styx, the Trophy, the Beetles, the Mysteries and finally the gigantic Domed Hall, which is magnificently lit. At the exit, stand on a wide footbridge high above the Lesse and surprise yourself by the echo of the cannon fired there.

Not to be missed

On the limestone ridge above Han-sur-Lesse you can wander through a 250-hectare nature park which is home to an astonishing collection of native wild animals, living in their natural environment, including wolves, lynx, deer, bears and endangered species such as European bison and Przewalski’s horses.

The Han Caves

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