The Legends Trail

Bogny-sur-Meuse et les 4 fils Aymon
Forêt magique

From fairy tales…

To travel through the Ardennes is to dare to venture along the Legends Trail, through countryside drenched in mysteries. For the most secret valleys, the deepest forests and the wildest rivers have generated stories, passed down by word of mouth from one generation to the next, which come back to life as you wind your way through them.
In the Semois valley, wisps of mist swirl around the village of Les Hayons, near Bouillon, reviving imagined images of dancing fairies. In the Lesse valley, pathways lead to a natural paradise, jealously guarded by the Nutons. In the huge Ardennes forest, you can hear the echoing sound of the hooves of Bayard the horse as he carries the four Aymon boys on their escape from Charlemagne, in a timeless, infinite ride.

… To fantasy

And not all these legends are non-religious… there is also the legend, well-known to hunters, of Saint Hubert, a heathen hunter who was converted to Christianity when the crucified Christ appeared to him in a vision between the antlers of a stag he was hunting. And don’t forget to say hello to the Ladies of the Meuse near Monthermé, three unfaithful wives who were turned into huge pillars of stone by a divine finger…
The Legends Trail follows the gentle curves of the hills and rivers of the Ardennes, and the more often you stop, the more you will be delighted by this lovely landscape.

Did you know?

Julius Caesar, in The Gallic Wars, was one of the first writers to describe this strange land. And on the hilltop at Saint-Marcel a dolmen bears witness to even older beliefs…

The Legends Trail

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