Orval Abbey

L'Abbaye d'Orval
L'Abbaye d'Orval

Authentic products

Nature invites itself to the table in the Ardennes, with game from the forests, fish from its bubbling rivers, fruits, berries, mushrooms, herbs and garden vegetables. And the cycle of the seasons is respected here. To prepare for the long, cold winter, traditional techniques of smoking and salting have been passed down through the generations and are perpetuated by gastronomic brotherhoods.
But, above all, the people of the Ardennes have a great appetite for life and they take real pleasure in generously sharing their authentic specialities with visitors.

Orval, inspired by nature

Visitors arriving at Orval are enveloped in a sensation of peace mixed with delightful charm. Located at the heart of this idyllic, peaceful corner of the Gaume region, the almost one-thousand-year-old abbey is an ideal place to recharge your batteries. In a harmonious blend of knowledge and relaxation, you can learn new things in the pharmaceutical museum or simply enjoy a glass of beer and some cubes of cheese. Having let this little world work its magic on you, you will return to your daily life full of energy. Don’t miss the “Guardian Angel Inn” (“L’Auberge de l’ange gardien”) which is home to a unique treasure, “Petite Orval” beer. It is not sold anywhere else in the world, and is less alcoholic than the modern Orval beer sold in bottles. Its bitterness will delight your tastebuds and its copper colour will delight your eyes.

Did you know?

By Royal Decree, the monks of Orval had to brew three different beers, one for the King and the clergy, one for the monks (“Petite Orval”) and one to be given as alms to the poor.

Orval Abbaye

Abbaye d'Orval
Orval, 1
B-6823 Villers-devant-Orval
(Ardennes belges)
Tél. : +32 (0) 61 31 10 60
Mail : accueil@orval.be
Web : www.orval.be

To see or to do around Orval Abbaye : www.luxembourg-belge.be

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