The Semois Valley

Vallée de la Semois
Point de vue du Jambom

A Twisting Route

The Semois twists and turns like a ribbon: this “Queen of Meanders” leads you to spectacular countryside, picturesque villages of stone houses with slate roofs or the ruined walls of ancient fortresses which are reflected in its waters.
How many men and women – millers, tanners, fishermen, iron-forgers or washerwomen has the Semois fed, served or amused?

210km of legends

The source of the Semois is at Arlon and the town’s growth when the Treveri tribe lived there (around 150BC) was due to its location on the river. The Semois enters the Gaume region at the village of Vance and softly flows through its flower-filled meadows and woods. Then it bumps into the Ardennes massif at Chiny, and becomes tortured as it twists and turns between the rocks amid beautiful landscapes. Still in the Ardennes at Herbeumont, it continues its journey along the Aise valley, through villages that bear witness to the hard world of miners, the brave “scailtons”. At Bouillon, it flows below the fortress of the chivalrous knight Godefroid. From the balconies of hilltop villages, we catch a glimpse of the beautiful river as it makes its way past wooded round-topped hills at Rochehaut and Botassart.
The blue mist that rises from the river at dawn has given rise to many legends. The curious rock formations that the river links are called the “Giant’s Tomb”, the “Four Sons of Aymon”, the “Hermitage Rock”, the “Split Rock” and the “Knight’s Tomb”.
Then our enchanted river drowns itself in the Meuse at Monthermé…

Did you know?

The Semois valley in Belgium is famous for its tobacco!

The Semois Valley

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